Unexpected treat

Today’s guest picture is from another visit earlier this month to mainland Europe by my brother.  This time his wife and he were in Bruges where they saw this 11th Century hospital across a canal. After an early breakfast, Mrs Tootlepedal left for Edinburgh where she lent a helping hand with Matilda.  She took aContinue reading “Unexpected treat”

Successful outings

The guest picture of the day is another view of Bilbao from my brother.  He comments that there was not much evidence of water borne traffic. In contrast to yesterday’s grey start to the month of May, today was much more cheerful with plenty of sunshine and not a sign of any rain. It wasContinue reading “Successful outings”

Mrs Tootlepedal is out to lunch

Today’s guest picture, taken by my sister Mary a few days ago, shows a bed of tulips in St James’ Park, London and it just goes to show that however many lovely tulips Mrs Tootlepedal has in her garden, the Queen can afford more.  A lot more. The weather continues to behave very well forContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal is out to lunch”

At leisure

Today’s guest picture shows a view of Amsterdam.  It was sent by my sister Mary who has just come back from a visit there with my brother Andrew and my sister Susan.  They get about. I made an effort to get about a bit myself today as for once it was a completely dry dayContinue reading “At leisure”

A degree of difference

Today’s guest picture, sent by my sister Mary, shows the Earl of Pembroke, Chancellor of the University 1617-30, in a design by Rubens, looking very pleased with himself in front of the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It was an almost sunny day today.  All day it looked as though the sun was going to burst throughContinue reading “A degree of difference”

Back in the groove

Today’s picture shows a garden in a single flower. Although the sunflowers haven’t turned their faces the way the Mrs Tootlepedal hoped, they are flourishing and proving to be a magnet for the local bee population. We were a bit tired after our trip to London but we managed to sleep well once back inContinue reading “Back in the groove”

The day after the day before

Today’s picture, sent to me by Dropscone’s niece, shows her daughter thoroughly enjoying the Monticello Trail. After the excitement of Langholm’s Great Day yesterday, I was in relaxed mood and spent the morning in idle pleasure, wandering around the garden and sitting down in equal proportions once I had visited our local producer’s market toContinue reading “The day after the day before”

Water, water everywhere

Today’s picture was sent by daughter Annie.  She was at the Kennington Oval tonight to watch Surrey play Hampshire.  After the game she was of the opinion that Surrey were complete bobbins.  I don’t think that this is a compliment. Our spell of hit, sunny weather continued and Dropscone appeared on cue for a morningContinue reading “Water, water everywhere”

Sitting doing nothing

Today’s picture, sent by my friend and neighbour Bruce,  shows a young blackbird having a splash in the bird bath in his garden. We could all have done with a bit of a splash today as it was very warm and rather close too.  After averaging 20 miles day for the first half of theContinue reading “Sitting doing nothing”

Far too much sun

Today’s picture was sent to me by Dropscone.  He was very proud of his younger daughter’s eye for a bargain when he found that she had purchased this tray of doughnuts on special offer for only 20p.  Quite her father’s child.  He tells me that it was he who has eaten the missing two doughnuts.Continue reading “Far too much sun”