Running the new lens in

Today’s picture is another from Bruce’s recent visit to the Isle of Arran. We had another lovely shirtsleeve day today.  I didn’t cycle as I had tasks to do including taking the car to the garage to see if they could see what was keeping one of the doors permanently locked.  They could but theyContinue reading “Running the new lens in”

The first and probably the last day of summer.

Today’s picture shows a sunlit Ewes valley. The day was like this from the very start.  Dropscone told me later that he had done 25 miles on the bike before breakfast.  I had a blood test so I couldn’t start out until that had been done.  At about ten o’clock, I went round the morningContinue reading “The first and probably the last day of summer.”


Today’s picture shows my middle sister Mary getting out and about on her newly installed hip.   Hip hip hooray. She got out a lot more than I did today.  Mrs Tootlepedal was still laid up with a mild indisposition picked while by visiting foreign parts (we should have boiled the water before drinking it) andContinue reading “Harried”

I saw a bird

Today’s picture shows the village of Mickleton in Gloucestershire.  My brother was visiting it by bike. It was a pleasant, if rather windy day and still on the cool side for June when Dropscone appeared for the morning pedal.  My joints were on strike so he pedalled off round the morning run while I gentlyContinue reading “I saw a bird”