Anyone know how to build an ark?

Today’s picture is a benchmark on the old railway bridge at Broomholm Once more we woke to pouring rain. It was another day without a pedal. Once again the upside of this was that I did as much work on the DVD as a very slow computer would let me.  After an hour or soContinue reading “Anyone know how to build an ark?”

Oh happy day

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal departing for a cycle ride in the afternoon. This indicates a marked change for the better in the weather as she is mostly  a fair weather pedaller. The day started, as a day ought to, with a morning cycle ride with Dropscone. We didn’t go on our normal route asContinue reading “Oh happy day”

I’m dreaming of a Christmas with no snow at all

Today’s benchmark. By the end of the day we had 5 inches of snow but the end may be in sight. It was another day of sunshine and snow showers with no bicycling, not even in the haven of the garage. To make up for this, I was fortunate enough to entertain Dropscone and ArthurContinue reading “I’m dreaming of a Christmas with no snow at all”