The picture of the day was taken by Gerry on the Petit Camargue last Wednesday and shows two happy cyclists that he met there. We are safely home, although we have scattered our possessions across half of Europe on our way out and back and have come to the conclusion that we are probably notContinue reading “Home”

The bridge that wasn’t there

Today’s picture is the last of three sent to me by my sister Susan showing the glories of planting out in Regent’s Park. Being Sunday, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir and I put in some time at the computer, putting another week of the newspaper index into the database. WhenContinue reading “The bridge that wasn’t there”

Home, home in the rain

Today’s picture shows the market cross in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, built in 1490. Although we spent  most of the day driving the 323 miles home, we did have time to stop in Malmesbury.  As well as a market cross, Malmesbury has a fine 12th century abbey…. …with an elaborately carved front door… …and (handy for theContinue reading “Home, home in the rain”

Flat out

Today’s picture is another of the irritating bird that sits in the field outside our holiday cottage window each morning, just out of decent camera range. The morning was cold and grey but there was no hint of rain so after a lengthy breakfast, we packed the bikes in the car and set off toContinue reading “Flat out”

Arrived safely

Today’s picture, taken by Dropscone in our absence,  shows the results of a sharp hailstorm in Langholm.  This would be more satisfactory to us 300  miles to the south if we hadn’t been peppered by hailstones ourselves today.  Still it wasn’t as bad as it obviously was in Langholm. We’ve had two busy days ofContinue reading “Arrived safely”

Singing in the rain

Today’s picture shows a bridge over the wonderfully named Manifold River in Staffordshire at Ilam which was crossed recently by my brother Andrew on one of his walks. We had a satisfactory but rather uninteresting day today as it largely consisted of coming north in the train from London, catching the bus from Carlisle andContinue reading “Singing in the rain”

One in the eye for Mrs Tootlepedal

Today’s picture shows the famous London Eye We had decided to spend a day in London on our way back home and as the weather was kind and Mrs Tootlepedal had long wished for a trip on the London Eye, we decided that this was an opportunity too good to miss.   My sister Susan agreedContinue reading “One in the eye for Mrs Tootlepedal”

Round and round

Today’s picture shows a fine château near Aigues-Vives.  I felt a French trip log should have a château in it somewhere. It was extremely chilly when we set out this morning and we both had three layers on our tops and were wondering why we had thought that bringing a pair of long trousers withContinue reading “Round and round”

Relatively speaking

Today’s picture shows Langholm Church as a counterbalance to all the French churches we have been passing.  This picture won a prize at the recent Langholm show.  Thanks to Sandy for putting it in for me. The weather was a lot less sunny here in France than it was yesterday and because  the temperature hadContinue reading “Relatively speaking”