Moderate exercise

Today’s guest picture shows the delightful Obelisk Thatched Cottage at Hopetoun, South Queensferry, near Edinburgh.  It was spotted by our son Tony. In spite of trying to get some high quality relaxation in the last two weeks and not actually doing very much on many days, there has been enough excitement to keep me feeling aContinue reading “Moderate exercise”

Smashing puddles

Today’s guest picture was taken yesterday by my neighbour Gavin, who was walking behind us back from the Market Place after the band had played.  He describes what he saw as ‘a rose between two thorns’.  Rather rude I thought. We had another lovely sunny day today but with added ice… …which we haven’t seenContinue reading “Smashing puddles”

Going through the mill

No guest picture today I am afraid as no one has sent me one.  Instead, here is an eye popping colour combination of peony and azalea. The weather turned out to be a lot better than the forecast and we had a fine sunny day with warm temperatures and a gentle wind.  It would haveContinue reading “Going through the mill”

2014 – a fairly good year so far

Today’s guest picture shows my brother’s scientific rain gauge.  His usual monthly rainfall in Banbury is 2″.  The scientific rain gauge recorded 6″ in one week alone towards the end of last month.  No wonder the people of Banbury were cross. 2014 crept in quietly with no rain and no gales.  Mrs Tootlepedal and IContinue reading “2014 – a fairly good year so far”