Sunny afternoon

Today’s guest picture shows a very fine bridge over the River Ouse near which my brother Andrew had a cup of coffee recently. We were blessed with another day of unrelenting sunshine but, in the morning at least, it came with a bearable temperature and very light winds so when I went out on myContinue reading “Sunny afternoon”

Song cycle

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to the Belper River Gardens.  He was looking across the river which had been widened to make a boating pond. It was the day of the Choir of the Year audition for our Carlisle community choir at the Sage in Gateshead, just across the river TyneContinue reading “Song cycle”

Perfect planning

Today’s guest picture is another from my South African correspondent Tom’s visit to the Aquila Game Reserve. He tells me that most of the animals are free roaming within the reserve while others are rescue animals. The five day forecast had led us to expect wild winds and pouring rain today but once again, theContinue reading “Perfect planning”

A song and a smile

Today’s guest picture shows seasonal fun in Leicester Square, London.  It was enjoyed by my sister Mary. It was a much better day today with a lot of sunshine and less tooth trouble.  On the down side it was only just above freezing and actually getting colder as the sun came up so Dropscone andContinue reading “A song and a smile”

Seeing the light

Today’s picture shows the 13th century Cathedral in Toledo which my brother and his wife visited yesterday by high speed train.  He thought that the journey was well worth while. It was a generally sunny, quite calm day today but as the temperature was only three degrees, I gave up any thoughts of cycling.  MyContinue reading “Seeing the light”

A photographic expedition

Today’s picture shows Catherine, my sister-in-law at the start of her ride along the Manifold Valley way.  It is an old narrow gauge railway track and I have put it in partly because I enjoy the name so much.   I thought that I would tell you that in mathematics, a manifold of dimension n isContinue reading “A photographic expedition”

You go your way and I’ll go mine

I am blessed at the moment, thanks to my siblings, with a great number of possible pictures of the day but I couldn’t possibly pass over this example of top quality lawn mowing sent to me by my daughter Annie.  She added ‘Come on you Spurs’, a sentiment with which no one in their rightContinue reading “You go your way and I’ll go mine”