Rain didn’t stop play

Today’s guest picture from my South African correspondent, Tom, shows a jackal.  Not something we see round here at all! My day was conditioned by an awful warning of heavy rain;  one of those warnings that comes with a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre.  We were to expect rain soContinue reading “Rain didn’t stop play”

Top and tail

Today’s guest picture comes from Mrs Tootlepedal.  She found a very prominent fairy ring on her brother’s lawn. Mrs Tootlepedal is still away visiting her mother, whose hundred and first birthday is imminent.  This means that I am having to make up my mind for myself here with no assistance and this is quite wearing. Continue reading “Top and tail”

From feast to famine

Today’s guest picture comes from my daughter Annie in London, hundreds of miles to the south of us.  She wants to point out that it was very cold down there this morning. We might have been forgiven for feeling a bit smug when we saw her picture because it was a comparatively warm day hereContinue reading “From feast to famine”

Tea and a scone at Canonbie

Today’s guest picture comes from Langholm exile, Tom.  He lives in South Africa and recently took the cable car up Table Mountain.  The composite picture shows the way up and the view down. Our dry spell continues but today was very grey from start to finish and there were even a few spots of rainContinue reading “Tea and a scone at Canonbie”

Seeing the light

Today’s picture shows the 13th century Cathedral in Toledo which my brother and his wife visited yesterday by high speed train.  He thought that the journey was well worth while. It was a generally sunny, quite calm day today but as the temperature was only three degrees, I gave up any thoughts of cycling.  MyContinue reading “Seeing the light”

A cycle, a sortie and a song

Today’s picture comes from my brother and shows Calke Abbey.   It doesn’t look like an abbey because it isn’t one.  It is a grand house built on the site of an old abbey. It was a good day for a morning pedal with a balmy temperature of 4°C and no signs of ice.  IContinue reading “A cycle, a sortie and a song”

Undeserved scones

Today’s picture shows a Henry Moore sculpture at Kenwood, taken by my sister Mary. I had some undeserved treacle scones with my coffee today because after my battles with the wind yesterday, my joints were on strike this morning and I stayed at home.  Dropscone who is made of sterner stuff, kindly carried the extraContinue reading “Undeserved scones”

A photographic expedition

Today’s picture shows Catherine, my sister-in-law at the start of her ride along the Manifold Valley way.  It is an old narrow gauge railway track and I have put it in partly because I enjoy the name so much.   I thought that I would tell you that in mathematics, a manifold of dimension n isContinue reading “A photographic expedition”


Today’s picture shows almost the last of the Japanese anenomes which have done so well this year. The new month started with a welcome change in the weather and Dropscone and I set off for our morning run with gladness in our hearts.  In an effort to keep away from hedge thorns and muddy roads,Continue reading “Spotted”

Life in the slow lane

Today’s picture was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother at the Making the Most of Moorlands (An Education Project) bird feeder station. When Dropscone arrived for the morning pedal, I got out the slow bike for a change.  The roads on the morning run are potholed, muddy and covered with leaves and stones and the slowContinue reading “Life in the slow lane”