Getting the point

Today’s picture is a snapshot from around 1960 of my very brief career as the next Stirling Moss.  In those day it was called a go-cart, now it would be called a kart.  It was scanned from the original by my brother Andrew.  I would imagine that since it was taken with a box camera,Continue reading “Getting the point”

Brief encounter

The picture of the day is the rose which has developed from the bud of yesterday. That’s what a little sunshine does. It was warm and sunny when I woke up today but as I had an appointment with the consultant at Carlisle in the morning, I thought it would be better not to goContinue reading “Brief encounter”

New bird

Today’s picture shows a Bonnie Langholm hanging basket.  It will develop more flowers as time goes by. I decided to let Dropscone pedal on his own today from a combination of business to do and joints to rest.  While he was out pedalling, I went up to fill up the feeders at the Moorland FeedingContinue reading “New bird”

Things going swimmingly

Today’s picture is of a very chubby baby siskin. The morning was cloudy with a hint of sun but the northerly winds were back so it was decidedly chilly for the time of year.  Dropscone arrived and we had another pedal where I peeled off after a while and left him to get on withContinue reading “Things going swimmingly”


Today’s picture comes from Bruce who was showing Jedburgh Abbey to some visiting Brazilians as one does. Dropscone elected not to cycle as he was golfing in the afternoon so I was on my own.  Fortunately it was a very sunny, if chilly morning and I didn’t have too much difficulty in persuading myself toContinue reading “Occupation”