Ankle resting

Today’s picture is of a blue mottled crow from New Zealand, sent to me by my brother Andrew who is indefatigably out and about. The blue wattled crow is a fine bird and a lot brighter than our weather was this morning.  The surrounding hills had a light covering of snow and the town wasContinue reading “Ankle resting”

Many a slip

Today’s picture is another from my brother in New Zealand.  It is a pied shag which he saw on a visit to a bird sanctuary although it is not a rare bird. It was raining when I woke up but by the time I had finished breakfast, the skies had cleared and things were lookingContinue reading “Many a slip”


Today’s picture shows this evening’s early sunset, seen from the garden. At last it was a day for cycling.  The wind was light, it wasn’t raining and the temperature was well above freezing.  In that pleasantly amusing way that life has of tapping you on the shoulder, I had of course arranged a meeting forContinue reading “Hooray!”

One of those days

Today’s picture is another of London park life from my sister Mary. After the wonder of yesterday’s sunny weather, we were back to a more normal routine today.  It was quite a pleasant morning with light winds and no rain but sadly, the temperature was below freezing and ruled out cycling.  The temperature inched upContinue reading “One of those days”

Very poor behaviour

Today’s picture, forwarded to me by my sister Susan, was taken by her friend Rachel on a trip round London.  It shows the imperial pretensions of the rich.  This used to be docklands. It was a dismal day again today.  It rained from morning to night and when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work afterContinue reading “Very poor behaviour”

Dawn of a new age

Today’s picture shows my new wheel and I think we can all agree that it is a very beautiful wheel indeed. The picture clearly shows two things: one, that the morning ride was done in muddy conditions and two, that I am not very good at bike cleaning.  I thought I had given it aContinue reading “Dawn of a new age”