Sight seeing

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle Correspondent, Fiona, who is in Amsterdam. She thought that I might like this cycle repair shop sign. It was another day of frequent showers, mostly quite short but often quite heavy.  My scientific rain gauge is measuring over three inches of rain for the week and it isContinue reading “Sight seeing”

Slightly depressed again

Today’s guest picture comes from our neighbour Gavin.  He was walking in Edinburgh when he came upon this recently restored lift bridge on the Union Canal there. Thanks to another depression coming off the Atlantic, the day started with a light frizzle and developed into some steady rain which lasted until late in the evening. Continue reading “Slightly depressed again”

That’s more like it

Today’s guest picture comes from my flute pupil Luke’s mother.  They were having a family day out in Durham before the start of the new school term and found the cathedral looking at its best in the sunshine. I had a Utopian plan for the day which involved getting up early and being out onContinue reading “That’s more like it”

Life on a smaller scale

I have had enough of the London Trip pictures so it is back to guest pictures of the day.    Dropscone was on holiday in Glasgow last week when he met this attractive bridge over the Clyde. After the excitement of yesterday, we had a very calm domestic day today.  We did get out in theContinue reading “Life on a smaller scale”


Keith, a correspondent from Edmonton, Canada says,”Many of the buildings here in Edmonton feature limestone that is just chock-full of fossils and hunting them is a good way to pass time when one is taking shelter from a thunderstorm.”  I think that there must have been a storm because he sent me this as today’sContinue reading “Inspired”

Filling a day

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone and shows an inhabitant of the falconry at Dunrobin Castle.  The picture was taken by his daughter Susan on their recent holiday in the north. In spite of the continued dry spell, we are getting a bit short of sunshine and there was only the merestContinue reading “Filling a day”

Thank goodness for the Olympics

Today’s guest picture is another from our recent week as guests in the south.  Sally and Richard took us to the gardens of this fine mansion, Heale House, which was built in the latter part of the sixteenth century. My ideal plan for the day relied on an early leap out of bed into gloriousContinue reading “Thank goodness for the Olympics”

A little excursion

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Ada and shows a golden-ringed dragonfly which she spotted on the road outside her house.  One of those green eyed monsters. I was still remarkably creaky this morning so when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in church, I wondered if Dr Velo could work his magic onContinue reading “A little excursion”

Not drowning but waving my arms about

Today’s guest picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal’s nephew Julian near the summit of the famous Alpe d’Huez.  He was taking part in the second year of a stupendous fund raising cycle event with family and friends which has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for a cancer charity over the past two years.  The amount ofContinue reading “Not drowning but waving my arms about”

A dull day with a sting in the tail

Today’s guest picture shows Sudbury Hall in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.  It was visited by my brother Andrew. We had another dry day today for which we were suitably grateful but as it came without the benefit of any sunshine, it was rather gloomy and slightly chilly. I started the day by going up to the MoorlandContinue reading “A dull day with a sting in the tail”