A visit to Keswick

This is yesterday’s post today.  I didn’t get home until nearly midnight last night and I had many pictures to look through this morning.  The result is a post with too many pictures but I have tried to keep the commentary to a minimum to spare those long suffering souls who politely read to theContinue reading “A visit to Keswick”

Poor wandering one

Today’s picture shows the centre of Keswick, where we went to see a show in their excellent theatre today. The weather was cold but dry and Dropscone was back from France so what better way could there be to start the day than with a morning pedal? None. So that’s what we did. We wentContinue reading “Poor wandering one”

Ice age

Today’s picture from my brother Andrew is just to remind us that it is high summer down there. Here it was a miserable day.  Rain falling onto frozen ground made the town a skating rink. The upside was that it thoroughly justified my purchase of the Yaktrax as I was able to walk about nonchalantlyContinue reading “Ice age”

Plucky fellow

Today’s picture is a wonderful burst of gorse seen on our Saturday trip Warning to those in a hurry: this is a very picture heavy blog post. Saturday was another of the brilliantly sunny, blue sky days that have become commonplace here recently. There was however a brisk wind which didn’t look as though itContinue reading “Plucky fellow”