Let there be light

The guest picture of the day is a sunrise over the Thames captured by my daughter on her phone while walking to work yesterday. Our early morning was not blessed with a cheery sunrise today but as they day went on, the weather got better and better until it got exhausted and burst into tearsContinue reading “Let there be light”

Free at last

Today’s guest picture shows a huge Santa looming over a stall at a German Christmas market in Birmingham (though how German a stall selling crêpes is you might wonder).  These markets have sprung up everywhere in recent years.  This one was visited by my brother. After several very gloomy, wet and windy days, the weatherContinue reading “Free at last”

A pedal, a waddle and a tootle

Today’s picture shows Alistair’s eagle in  a less threatening posture.  It does show how clever the jointing is on the model. The weather turned out to be very nice today in spite of a not very promising forecast and in the absence of Dropscone on golfing business, I got myself up and organised and pedalledContinue reading “A pedal, a waddle and a tootle”

Get up and go, go, go.

Today’s picture, sent by my friend and near neighbour Bruce, shows that the local chaffinches can be found in force in more than one garden round here.  The sunny weather was a couple of days ago. We were far from sunny today.  In fact it was raining seriously for the first time for a fewContinue reading “Get up and go, go, go.”

A busy day

Today’s picture shows  the space where a bridge used to be on Gaskells Walk.  Bruce and Lesley came across it when on a guided tour with Guthrie.  I suppose that they all girded their loins and leapt lightly across the gap. Apart from a negligible couple of flurries, the rain kept away today and wasContinue reading “A busy day”