A tour and afternoon tea

Today’s guest picture comes from ex Archive Group member Ken. He thoughtfully sent me this picture of a duck and twelve ducklings on the River Wansbeck at Morpeth. We went back to having a colder morning here, but luckily we were not up with the lark, and it was quite warm by the time weContinue reading “A tour and afternoon tea”

Up, up and away and up and up and up…..

Today’s guest picture is another from Tom, my South African correspondent.  It shows two young cheetahs in a cheetah outreach centre.   He hopes to have rhino pictures soon. For the second day running, I managed to get up into my cycling gear and actually go out for a ride after breakfast.  (The ‘after breakfast’ bitContinue reading “Up, up and away and up and up and up…..”