I do like to be beside the seaside

Today’s guest picture shows a popular pair of pelicans in St James Park.   My sister Mary enjoyed their company. We had another in our very welcome spell of dry days today.  We didn’t go as far as getting any sunshine but the wind was reasonably calm so mustn’t grumble.  You can’t have everything. After aContinue reading “I do like to be beside the seaside”

A sunny mood

Today’s guest picture shows the audience at the reconstructed Globe Theatre in London.  It was taken yesterday by my sister Mary.  She enjoyed a performance of Richard II there. We enjoyed a non stop performance by the sun today.  Although it was none too warm in the morning, by the afternoon there could be noContinue reading “A sunny mood”

Definitely a bridge too far

Today’s guest picture has been very kindly sent to me from Solingen in Germany by Zyriacus, a regular reader and correspondent.  It shows two water wheels which turn stones for grinding blades of all descriptions, still a significant local industry. We got a second day of calm weather here today and I started it byContinue reading “Definitely a bridge too far”

A break in the weather

My brother saw the Thames in flood when he visited Oxford recently. We had a break from the gloomy weather today and very welcome it was too.  I had to take the car to the garage for its annual service first thing in the morning and walking back through the town, everyone I met hadContinue reading “A break in the weather”