An almost perfect day

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s Bristol trip and shows the cathedral there.  Two of his sisters sneaked into the shot. In a recent post, I asked for a small ridge of high pressure to give us a break from the rain and today my request was granted.  We woke to blue skiesContinue reading “An almost perfect day”

Pin(e)s and needles

Today’s guest picture gives a hint as to why Dropscone is on holiday in Malta.  It is not the fine architecture (though he likes that) but the blue sky in the background. We did get a glimpse of blue sky in the morning here but it didn’t take long before it had disappeared and theContinue reading “Pin(e)s and needles”

A walk and a sing

Today’s guest picture comes from Zyriacus.  It shows the Leichlingen bridge across the Wupper river.  It was built in 1926 and he tells me that it was built of concrete because at that time the river was so contaminated that they feared that a metal bridge would corrode.  He says that things are better now.Continue reading “A walk and a sing”