Boring day, boring post

No visiting pictures today as my correspondents have been slack so I have sneaked in a rather hurried picture of three walls of the new kitchen which is now officially finished instead.  I think I will have to take a set of pictures rather than trying to do it in a oner.  Click on theContinue reading “Boring day, boring post”

Cupboard love

Today’s picture shows Whita Hill at eleven o’clock this morning.  The long shadows show how low the sun sits in our sky at this time of year, even when it is nearly noon. On the plus side, at least the sun was actually out.  It was a nearly windless day with the temperature well belowContinue reading “Cupboard love”

A helping hand (and brush)

Today’s picture shows the fine waterfall going over the Ashley Bank garden wall and onto the road during the rain yesterday.  It was taken (I think) by my recorder playing friend Susan and sent to me by Dropscone. The rain gave us a break today but it still had a mean twist and gave usContinue reading “A helping hand (and brush)”

Chaos and order

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, is a cut above my usual bridges being none other than the famous Brig o’ Doon.  (Google Tam o’ Shanter if you haven’t heard of it.) The threatened rain exhausted itself over night and we enjoyed a warm, cloudy, dry day much at odds with the forecast. I couldn’tContinue reading “Chaos and order”

Moving experience

Today’s picture shows a rose which rose to greet the smiling morn. We enjoyed our fifth day of sunshine in a row and it is making us very nervous.  What is happening?  Is it legal?  Still, only one more day to go before a familiar Atlantic low returns and things get back to normal.  WeContinue reading “Moving experience”

And more bees…and birds

Today’s picture shows a blue tit. We actually had a summer day today and very welcome it was too.  I had thought of going for a good cycle ride but it was quite breezy and my legs felt tired so I combined resting with a little light gardening and some information purveying to visitors instead.Continue reading “And more bees…and birds”