Today’s guest picture was kindly sent to me by Tuckamoredew, the fearless sub-zero Canadian cyclist aka Keith.  He spotted these mud nests on the underside of a bridge as he passed.  I have cruelly cropped his picture so I hope he forgives me. Dropscone and I had another fine day for our morning pedal butContinue reading “Dumped”

Light headed

Today’s picture was taken on the hill above the town by my recorder playing friend Susan. It was a quiet, grey morning and still quite warm.  I had to go to the health centre after breakfast for a regular check up and when I got home, I had time for a quick walk round theContinue reading “Light headed”


Today’s picture shows a tree pretending to be a dinosaur which recently caught my sister Susan’s eye. We spent the day here waiting for it to rain.  It looked as though it was going to rain and it felt as though it was going to rain and the ever present threat of rain stopped usContinue reading “Antediluvian”