With a spring in my step

Today’s guest picture shows what can only be described as a host of golden daffodils.  They were spotted by my sister Mary on a walk through St James’ Park. We enjoyed some perfect weather for the first day of spring here today and on a day when I really should have been cycling all overContinue reading “With a spring in my step”

Over the hill at last

I have had a very good response to my request for guest pictures and I am working through them.  My thanks go to those who replied.  Today’s choice is a lovely view of Buttermere taken in the sun by my sister Mary and sent to me in a text message. We had a thoroughly sunnyContinue reading “Over the hill at last”

Speedy progress

Today’s guest picture wasn’t taken by Mrs Tootlepedal but it was made by her.  It shows Shaun the Sheep, popular TV and film star.  He went to Edinburgh today to stay with his new owner. The wall growers were in action early today and by the time that I had finished my breakfast, the wallContinue reading “Speedy progress”

Marching orders

Today’s guest picture, taken by my brother, shows Mr Grumpy’s Dutch cousin spotted in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. I had a quiet but entertaining morning, While Mrs Tootlepedal went off to a church choir practice, I stayed in in case I was need for any building consultations .  It turned that there was no needContinue reading “Marching orders”

Over the hill

Today’s guest picture is the result of a recent visit by my brother to the dreaming spires of Oxford. We had a lovely day here today, both sunny and warm.  When Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir, I got out the slow bike and set off to give my new kneeContinue reading “Over the hill”

Four wheels good, two wheels better

Today’s guest picture shows a view of Utrecht taken by my brother after he had climbed 465 steps to get to the top of a very lofty church tower. I had a very poor day photographically but it was good in many other ways. The chance of catching a garden bird was limited by theContinue reading “Four wheels good, two wheels better”

Knees up

Today’s guest picture shows the birthday present that we siblings gave my energetic brother.  This little gadget will record his many, many steps.  He should have hours of fun with it. We had another -2° to +3°day but there wasn’t so much malice in the wind today so it felt more relaxed than yesterday.  TheContinue reading “Knees up”

A fresh start

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my neighbour Gavin who is visiting his son Fraser and his family in California.  His son and my younger son have been good friends since they were at school.  Although obviously the title of world’s greatest baby is taken, Gavin tells me that his latest grandchild isContinue reading “A fresh start”

Pot hunting

Today’s guest picture is another from my daughter’s recent Hampshire holiday and shows a cliff which looks as though it has had a few batterings over the centuries. It was a dry and sunny day here but a brisk northerly wind ensured that that we remembered that it was winter. Mrs Tootlepedal is pursuing herContinue reading “Pot hunting”

A tootle and a (sort of) pedal

For today’s guest picture I have stolen a crop from a photograph that Venetia sent me showing some Somerset cows enjoying a stray spot of sunshine a couple of days ago. There was a moment of sunshine here today too but mostly it was cold, grey and occasionally sleety.  In fact, the sleet showers wereContinue reading “A tootle and a (sort of) pedal”