Things to do, places to go

Todays’ guest picture shows the Monteath Mausoleum which overlooks the Lilliardsedge Golf Course where Dropscone was playing at the official opening of the Borders Golf Association season on Sunday. It was another fine day in Langholm but slightly marred by a persistent and chilly wind which made me glad that I had an excuse notContinue reading “Things to do, places to go”

Proving the tooth of an old saw

Today’s guest picture shows a little guerilla gardening seen by my sister Susan near her house in London.  It brightened her day up a lot. It was a briskly windy day today so I decided to leave my first cycle ride of September until a later day. I put the day to good use thoughContinue reading “Proving the tooth of an old saw”

A short back and sides

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Venetia, my Somerset correspondent, who is visiting the Aigas Field Studies Centre in Inverness-shire and took this photo yesterday at Loch Aigas. Our run of pleasantly warm but very grey days continued.  In spite of occasional spits of rain and some very dark clouds at times, itContinue reading “A short back and sides”

Scattered showers

Today’s guest picture comes from a recent visit by Dropscone to Crail on the Fife coast where he was doing some golf refereeing in a pleasant spot. We had no sunny scenes like that here today.  Indeed the nearest that we came to seeing the sun was this…. …and as it was raining at theContinue reading “Scattered showers”

Another day, another orchid

The guest picture of the day was taken in Hyde park by my sister Mary a week or so ago. It shows the Italian Garden there. Mrs Tootlepedal had had a very successful day watching her brother fly a Spitfire (he’s a pilot and he really did fly it, not just fly in it) andContinue reading “Another day, another orchid”

On the mend

Today’s guest picture comes from my recorder playing friend Susan.  Last week she was in Edinburgh with some of her siblings and took some time out to walk the mile over the Forth Road Bridge to get a good position to photograph the building of the new bridge beside the old one. It will beContinue reading “On the mend”

Dancing beak to beak

Today’s picture shows a nice pot of violas which were given to Mrs Tootlepedal as a gesture of gratitude for her work on the costumes for the recent musical.  They have proved a lasting gift. The day of rest must have done me some good because when Dropscone appeared, I was not only up butContinue reading “Dancing beak to beak”


Today’s picture is a third from my sister Mary’s recent visit to the Thames. It shows the magnificent glass house in Kew Gardens. I was going to do a lot of things today – go for a bike ride, mow the lawn, take some nice pictures and who knows what else but in the endContinue reading “Hung”

A frog in the throat

Today’s picture shows Dropscone’s brother-in-law bravely suffering the hard life which you have to put up with when you retire.  He’s baby sitting in Switzerland. It was a fine, dry, almost windless morning today which made the fact that I wasn’t fit enough to pedal all the more hard to bear.  An added annoyance wasContinue reading “A frog in the throat”