Calmer wind, busier roads

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony. He sent me this picture of a fine East Wemyss fungus and then went back at my request to photograph the underside too. The wind finally calmed down here and after a misty start, the skies cleared and we had a very acceptably warm but not tooContinue reading “Calmer wind, busier roads”

Pedalling over the Lyne

Today’s guest picture is another shot of the appalling working conditions my daughter has had to put up with in Venice. I had been asked by the minister if I would care to accompany him by bicycle to Lanercost where he attends a morning service on Wednesdays.  As he now owns a Bianchi bicycle, IContinue reading “Pedalling over the Lyne”


Today’s guest picture, forwarded to me by Grandpa Mike, shows the results of Maisie, New Zealand’s finest,  testing out the apples to see which tasted best. The sun obliged us with a rare visit today and everyone felt better for it.  It didn’t do much for the temperature which was at a miserly 13C whenContinue reading “Flutlepedal”