Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia and shows a curiously mauve sunset in Devon yesterday. We didn’t have any sunset here yesterday to notice and nor did we have a sunrise today as our spell of miserable weather continues.  It rained pretty well all day and as a result I only went for one walk,Continue reading “Discharged”

Goodbye to Jean

The guest picture of the day is some splendid fungus in the garden of Zyriacus, my German correspondent.  He tells me that various pressures are turning his lovingly tended garden into a nature reserve. The main business of the day was attending our friend Jean’s funeral.  The service was held in the garden of herContinue reading “Goodbye to Jean”

Once bitten….

Today’s guest picture, sent by my younger son from Edinburgh, shows the Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood.  In 9 months we will know whether it is to house the governing body of a newly independent nation or to remain a provincial outpost of the London banking system as at present. It was raining when weContinue reading “Once bitten….”

Home alone

Today’s guest picture is an arty effort from Edinburgh, courtesy of my younger son. The first business of the day was toast and porridge and the second was a trip to Carlisle to put our guests on the London train and wave goodbye.  Owing to following the precautionary principle with a little too much zeal,Continue reading “Home alone”

Post early for Christmas

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by her mother, shows Maisie enjoying a healthy breakfast. I am posting this early in the day to avoid the evening internet slowdown.   While Maisie has just enjoyed mid summer day in New Zealand, we have had another miserable, wet and windy day here.  As far as cycling goes,Continue reading “Post early for Christmas”

Getting above myself

Today’s guest picture, in the absence of any up to date contributions, is a charming bridge near Buttermere, which was crossed when he came to it in August by my brother. In spite of beautifully sunny and calm conditions, or perhaps because of the beautifully sunny and calm conditions, the temperature stayed resolutely below threeContinue reading “Getting above myself”