Hanging around

Today’s guest picture is  a shot of one of my sister Mary’s favourite haunts, the Queen Mary’s garden, Regent’s Park. It was my morning duty to spend a couple of hours in the Information Hub in the High Street, giving out information to any local or visitor who might require it.  This was an opportunityContinue reading “Hanging around”

No pedal, no tootle

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone and shows a pastoral scene near Peebles, which he had time to enjoy while officiating at a golf competition at the end of last month. I would like to have got out for a pedal today as I have been a bit short of cycling action recently but theContinue reading “No pedal, no tootle”

All clear

The high spot of the day is captured in the guest photo which shows Dropscone on the summit of Ben Nevis in glorious weather.  He reports that going up was a breeze compared with the pain of going back down and I can quite believe that but he got up and down successfully and getsContinue reading “All clear”

Led astray by fast women

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia in Somerset and shows a bluebell wood that she stumbled upon recently by accident while taking a break from electioneering.  That’s my kind of accident. I had no time for morning photographs as Mrs Tootlepedal and I had to up early for the 60 mile drive to St BeesContinue reading “Led astray by fast women”

Life in the slow lane

Today’s guest picture shows a view of Buckingham Palace from St James’ Park.  I am going to have a view from my sitting room window like this when I grow up.  My sister Mary took the picture. Although it was a rather cloudy day, the temperature wasn’t too bad and the wind was light soContinue reading “Life in the slow lane”

Knees up

Today’s guest picture shows the birthday present that we siblings gave my energetic brother.  This little gadget will record his many, many steps.  He should have hours of fun with it. We had another -2° to +3°day but there wasn’t so much malice in the wind today so it felt more relaxed than yesterday.  TheContinue reading “Knees up”