Summer Fair

Dropscone has sent me a picture of his bruised leg for picture of the day but it was ruled out on the grounds of good taste and decency.  It looks very sore indeed. Here is a picture of the Holmwood rooks startled into flight by the pipe band instead. For one reason or another, IContinue reading “Summer Fair”

Up and down

Today’s picture from my sister Mary shows a deer at Knole Park in Kent where she went today. No cycling this morning as the golf course called. I went up straight after breakfast. The weather was ideal for golf, the course was in good condition, my playing partner was ready…it was all systems go. ExceptContinue reading “Up and down”

Perfect Sunday

Today’s picture, sent by my sister Mary, shows my brother Andrew tucking into a cream tea at Skelwith Bridge on his recent holiday. We are in a very good spell of weather at the moment with warm sunny days but generally not too hot so that a sit in the shade will always cool youContinue reading “Perfect Sunday”

Busy day

Today’s picture illustrates the motto ‘Sic transit gloria Friday’. Yesterday this was a poppy, today it lies in the dust. The weather was fine, the forecast good and Mrs Tootlepedal was occupied with tapping and B & B preparations so it seemed a good time to get out the speedy bike and cycle somewhere. IContinue reading “Busy day”