Bedding in

Today’s guest picture comes from our neighbour Gavin who is making friends with a cactus out in Spain while we shiver here. We had some equivalent sunshine at the start of the day…. …but it couldn’t disguise the fact that it was jolly chilly again and I had to put a coat on as IContinue reading “Bedding in”

Old winter’s song

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Bruce who managed to be on the platform at Lockerbie Station when an excursion train drawn by no less then three locomotives (two steam and a diesel)  went through.  Good skills. The lyrics of the song Autumn Leaves contain the lines: Since you went away the days growContinue reading “Old winter’s song”


Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia’s recent trip to America.  As well as wild life in Wyoming, she saw still life in Thousand Oaks. We had a second fine sunny day today, frosty at dawn but warm enough for the rest of the day to make being outside a pleasure. So it was a pityContinue reading “Croaking”

The open road

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew in Derby.  They had a spot of snow there. We had a spot of snow too but not nearly so much as they did and this was the scene that welcomed us when we got up this morning. The chaffinches watched the continuing arrival of more snowContinue reading “The open road”

The return of winter

We had such a grey day here that I badly needed something bright for the post so today’s guest offering is another of Tommy cycling in the South African sunshine.  Lucky chap. The only colour in the garden today was provided by a few stubborn daffodils who defied the cold and the wind. It wasContinue reading “The return of winter”

Hard work

Today’s guest picture comes from Mrs Tootlepedal and shows two fragments of the steampunk embroidery that she enjoyed so much yesterday.  The artist is Jan Johnson. We had the first genuinely warm and sunny day of the year and it was ideal for gardening and cycling so it was unfortunate that it coincided with ourContinue reading “Hard work”

Three reasons to be cheerful

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who came across this frozen tableau in Regents Park yesterday. It must have been a good bit colder in London than it was here but my sister tells me that it was 9°C there today and all the snow has disappeared. Our snow is creeping away moreContinue reading “Three reasons to be cheerful”

Sing along

Today’s guest picture is another from Venetia’s visit to Yellowstone. It was  cold here again but not as cold as Yellowstone and we had another sunny day to take our mind off the near freezing temperatures. It was a choir Sunday with the church choir in the morning and the Carlisle choir in the afternoonContinue reading “Sing along”

Just another Sunday

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset Correspondent, Venetia.  Her aeroplane was obviously efficiently de-iced at Schiphol because she has sent me this icy picture from near Bedford, New Hampshire in the USA.  (I wonder if she bumped into a noted gardener while she was there.) We had a frost, snow and ice free dayContinue reading “Just another Sunday”

With a song and a smile

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Mike Tinker, who with his wife Alison  is visiting family in New Zealand.  He sent me this picture of a sunset at Bach and kindly added that the temperature there was 26 degrees.  It is zero here! A very rare thing happened today; I didn’t take any photographs. Continue reading “With a song and a smile”