Woodpeckers and woods

Today’s guest picture comes from Mike Tinker’s NZ trip and shows Nelson Cathedral.  He tells me that as it is in NZ,  it has an earthquake policy, the final line of which says: ‘if the earthquake is a gentle event (i.e. no creaks in the building) services will continue’.  I hadn’t thought that there mightContinue reading “Woodpeckers and woods”

The cold war continues

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who took a walk in the Peak District last week and climbed high enough to get this excellent view of the River Dove and its valley  far below him. I was battling with the cold again today and although there were moments when I was quite cheery,Continue reading “The cold war continues”

A strange encounter

Today’s guest picture shows a stone which was so covered in colourful lichen that my neighbour Liz thought that it looked like a concealed tiger when she saw it deep in the woods. After a busy day yesterday, I was quite happy to have a quiet morning today and so I was more than pleasedContinue reading “A strange encounter”