Flower power

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, shows Tower Bridge adorned with the Paralympics symbols, the ‘agitos’.  London has been a busy place recently. We didn’t have a paralympic event here and the best we could do by way of athletic adventure was Dropsocne and me pedalling round the usual morning run.   You certainly wouldn’t haveContinue reading “Flower power”

Gently does it

Today’s picture shows the Kangoo getting a little tender care from a team of highly trained experts. The good weather continued but the surprise intervention of good sense prevented me from setting my recovery back by going out for another long ride….and the fact that I had to be around for the arrival of theContinue reading “Gently does it”

The birds and the bees

Today’s picture shows an enormous puddle outside our back door in the evening.  It just won’t stop raining. My paper gave us the weather stats for July today.  There was a new record low for sunshine in Scotland.  This was 48 hours for the whole month recorded at Eskdalemuir about 15 miles north of Langholm. Continue reading “The birds and the bees”

A day of (almost) unalloyed pleasure

Today’s picture shows the yellow rose featured a few days ago.  The rain had almost beaten it to the ground but in today’s sunshine, it magnificently lifted its head again. The day started well with the appearance of Dropscone, ready for the morning run.  We took the run the wrong way round to avoid theContinue reading “A day of (almost) unalloyed pleasure”

Olympic resting

Today’s picture was taken by my daughter Annie on the top of Box Hill and shows the British cycle team going over the top with a modicum of help from a single German.  I don’t know which lap it was. I like the Olympics.  The Olympics have given me a good reason for doing somethingContinue reading “Olympic resting”

Hot and cold

Today’s picture comes from my recorder playing friend Susan who is currently in Prague. The forecasters weren’t teasing and we had a really pleasant, sunny day today with the added advantage of no excessive heat.  The only down side is that I woke up with a snivelling cold, not feeling very well.  Mrs Tootlepedal wentContinue reading “Hot and cold”

Unexpected encounter

Today’s picture shows three fierce faces which I found staring at me while I waited for Sandy in the evening. Dropscone was busy, the weather was dry and the wind was light so it was a perfect morning to go for a very gentle cycle ride by myself and so I did.  I cleaned theContinue reading “Unexpected encounter”

One more river to cross

Today’s picture, just to keep Tuckamoredew happy, is a bridge and a bike (and a cyclist). There was no cycling today as I had an early visit to the Health Centre followed by a drive to Innerleithen to fit in.  In between the two activities, I filled up the bird feeder and it was soonContinue reading “One more river to cross”

Ringing and riding

Today’s picture is of a brand new peony which has appeared in the garden. It was a calm pleasant day and ideal for bird ringing so I had a quick breakfast and Sandy kindly picked me up at 7 a.m. and we went off to see what Cat was up to at the moorland feederContinue reading “Ringing and riding”

Flower power

Today’s picture is a windmill in Wales from my brother Andrew’s April album In an unsettling moment, we woke up and it wasn’t raining.  However, I pulled myself together and went off cycling with Drop.  My joints had objecting to raising my mileage to 16 per day so I reverted to a gentle ten milesContinue reading “Flower power”