Gentle rain from heaven

Today’s picture from my friend Susan shows the effect on our river of a very short but very heavy burst of rain last week. Once again the elements were kind to us today and the forecast rain arrived late and very lightly.  In general, although it rained for most of the day, it was mostlyContinue reading “Gentle rain from heaven”

Hopes dashed

Today’s  picture shows three of Dropscone’s relatives on Gavin’s recent wet holiday.  For security reasons I cannot tell you which ones are the relatives. Once again, in spite of very wet weather elsewhere, we had a pleasant sunny day today, this time with no passing showers at all.  Following the doctor’s prescription to take aContinue reading “Hopes dashed”

Welcome home

Today’s picture from my sister Mary shows a false bridge on the lake at Kenwood with a perfect reflection.  It is just an architectural feature. After a night of heavy rain (as forecast), we enjoyed a pleasantly warm and dry day again.  I took advantage of this to snap this blue tit getting its feathersContinue reading “Welcome home”

Brief encounter

The picture of the day is the rose which has developed from the bud of yesterday. That’s what a little sunshine does. It was warm and sunny when I woke up today but as I had an appointment with the consultant at Carlisle in the morning, I thought it would be better not to goContinue reading “Brief encounter”

A little relief from the rain

Today’s picture, sent from Gavin, who is on a rainy walking tour in the Peak District, shows a stone circle called Arbor Low.  He says it is sometimes referred to as the Stonehenge of the north (but presumably only by people who haven’t seen Stonehenge and don’t know where the north is). It wasn’t rainingContinue reading “A little relief from the rain”

Rather wasted day

Today’s picture shows the reconstruction of the Globe Theatre on the south bank of the Thames.  It comes from my sister Mary. It was a day that was never quite sure of what it was going to do.   As a result, I was never quite sure of what I was going to do either.  Continue reading “Rather wasted day”

Info rush

Today’s picture is the re-appearance of the chubby siskin kid… …or another one looking just the same. The little siskins are a bit strange.  They stand absolutely still, doing nothing, saying nothing, visited by no-one and then the next time you look, they have gone.  They don’t tweet or flap their wings like the littleContinue reading “Info rush”

Second hand advice

Today’s picture was sent to me by Guthrie.  He saw this fine fungus while he was talking Bruce for a walk this morning. I was determined not to do too much today after yesterday’s busy day and I succeeded pretty well.  I was helped by a gentle but persistent rain which was not enough toContinue reading “Second hand advice”

Balancing the books

Today’s picture is of an avocet photographed by my brother Andrew on one of his excursions last month.  It was near Liverpool I think. There was no sun in the morning and the occasional drop of rain was to be felt but it was pleasantly warm as the cold north easterly winds had gone.  ThisContinue reading “Balancing the books”

A day on the debit side of the ledger

Today’s picture shows my brother on the summit of Kinder Scout from a trip he took late last month.  This is a historic spot for countryside access in England. We woke up to a lovely sunny morning, ideal for a short cycle ride but sadly the exertions of walking up to see the beacon lastContinue reading “A day on the debit side of the ledger”