The north wind doth blow

Today’s picture of unusual multi-story car parking is another from Dropscone’s  sister who is visiting in Switzerland. It was a wonderfully bright and sunny morning and I got up fully dressed and ready to go for a pedal and this enthusiasm lasted until I poked my nose out of the door and had it bittenContinue reading “The north wind doth blow”


Today’s picture shows a blue tit on the fat ball fortress.  I took it at lunch time and no better bird shot presented itself the whole day in spite of (because of?) my shiny new feeder. Dropscone has taken the bike he has been riding lately to the bike shop for a service as heContinue reading “Spiked”

Birds of a feather

Today’s picture is another sunrise, captured today by Dropscone on his way to supervise a golf event at Coldstream. It was a lovely day today, more like summer than autumn.  I didn’t go cycling which was a bit of a waste of the day but I was playing golf and there wasn’t enough time toContinue reading “Birds of a feather”

Tip top tap

Today’s picture shows the new grass, now fully incorporated into the middle lawn. The picture was taken yesterday when the sun was out. In contrast to the weather in the picture from yesterday, today started out wet and miserable.  Dropscone didn’t want to have to listen to me complaining about getting soaked so we gaveContinue reading “Tip top tap”

The world turned upside down

Today’s picture gives a snapshot of the day. Dropscone rang to see what I thought about the morning run.  There was a touch of blue sky and I was positive.  By the time he arrived, it was chucking it down and blowing hard to boot.  I was negative.  He had bought scones and I hadContinue reading “The world turned upside down”

A day of good things

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan shows a very rural looking bus stop which is in fact in the middle of London. The planets stood still in their course this morning, as Dropscone appeared for the morning pedal.  The reason?  We went on a different route.  Yesterday’s ride along roads coated withContinue reading “A day of good things”

A full day

Today’s picture shows Glastonbury Tor.  It is another from the camera of my sister Mary, who was there recently. It was another warm and pleasant day today and Dropscone was back from his golfing work so we set off round the morning run in good spirits.  My spirits were raised by the fact that IContinue reading “A full day”

Up and away

Today’s picture is from Dropsocne.  He had to get up early to go to a golf competition yesterday (organising, not playing) and he caught this sunrise on the way to Kelso. He got up quite early again today and came round on his bike ready for the customary pedal.  I am still using the slowContinue reading “Up and away”