A day of good things

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan shows a very rural looking bus stop which is in fact in the middle of London. The planets stood still in their course this morning, as Dropscone appeared for the morning pedal.  The reason?  We went on a different route.  Yesterday’s ride along roads coated withContinue reading “A day of good things”

A full day

Today’s picture shows Glastonbury Tor.  It is another from the camera of my sister Mary, who was there recently. It was another warm and pleasant day today and Dropscone was back from his golfing work so we set off round the morning run in good spirits.  My spirits were raised by the fact that IContinue reading “A full day”

Up and away

Today’s picture is from Dropsocne.  He had to get up early to go to a golf competition yesterday (organising, not playing) and he caught this sunrise on the way to Kelso. He got up quite early again today and came round on his bike ready for the customary pedal.  I am still using the slowContinue reading “Up and away”

Putting up with it

Today’s picture shows a battered toadstool on the golf course. Golf was the chief business of the day and as I was determined to try to play well, I didn’t go cycling in the morning first. This left my monthly mileage total a little lower than I would have like but still above the 500Continue reading “Putting up with it”

No rain all day

Today’s picture is of a patriotic thistle with insect A sunny morning greeted me on waking and I spent the first part of it after breakfast going round the morning ride, still by myself in the continued absence of Dropscone. Although there was a welcome lack of rain, it was a rather chilly day (14º)Continue reading “No rain all day”

Dry run

Today’s picture shows a rose that I had been looking forward to seeing, showing the worst of the recent rain. I woke up and looked out of the window and the sun was shining. Hooray.  I had thought of doing a long ride but a quick shower of rain after breakfast and a look atContinue reading “Dry run”

Another pedal, another tootle

Today’s picture is a gazania. It is a reliable indicator. If its petals are out, the sun is out. It was a lovely morning, the last for some time if the forecast is right, so I got the bike out and set off. I couldn’t go round the morning run because the Wauchope road isContinue reading “Another pedal, another tootle”

Back to the real world

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary from one of her walks. It shows the magnificent house at Knole Park in Kent. The glorious weather continued today but we were all a bit shattered after yesterday so we had a late breakfast. While the others were getting up, I took the camera into theContinue reading “Back to the real world”