Today’s picture is another look at a flamboyant yellow rose. A day or two ago, as we were pedalling along, Dropscone observed as an aside in relation to some other matter, that since we were regular cyclists, it was highly likely that we would fall off some day. He didn’t expect it it to beContinue reading “Catastrophe”

Same old pedal, different tootle

Today’s picture is another from Mrs Tootlepedal’s recent excursion.¬† Some nice clipping on display¬† at Tintinhull. Dropscone was involved in complex car purchasing activity on behalf of one of his boys so I was left on my own for a burst round the morning pedal in much more pleasant weather than I had expected. IContinue reading “Same old pedal, different tootle”

Chain reaction

Today’s picture shows the restored hotel at St Pancras Station.¬† It was taken by my sister Susan. It was not a morning to fill your heart with joy and I was feeling rather gloomy as Dropscone and I set off in a miserable drizzle. It wasn’t long before I cheered up a bit. Just afterContinue reading “Chain reaction”