Today’s guest picture shows the University of Birmingham which was recently visited by my brother.  He said the buildings reminded him of an Indian railway station.  The tall tower on the right is a campanile. Another day, another blanket of cloud.  But once again it was dry and above freezing with a light wind soContinue reading “Flutalpedal”

A long lunch

Today’s delightful guest picture, which was taken yesterday by my sister Mary, shows the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London. We had yet another grey day here today but still quite warm for the time of year.  After a leisurely breakfast, I decided that there was time for a quick pedal before lunch.  I wentContinue reading “A long lunch”

Back on the road again

Today’s guest picture is an unusual view of an electricity pylon taken last summer by my recorder playing friend Susan. Although it wasn’t the best of mornings, I was determined to have a pedal after missing a couple of days grappling with my fading brain.  Dropscone appeared promptly after breakfast and we set off toContinue reading “Back on the road again”

A walk and a sing

Today’s guest picture comes from Zyriacus.  It shows the Leichlingen bridge across the Wupper river.  It was built in 1926 and he tells me that it was built of concrete because at that time the river was so contaminated that they feared that a metal bridge would corrode.  He says that things are better now.Continue reading “A walk and a sing”

A break in the weather

My brother saw the Thames in flood when he visited Oxford recently. We had a break from the gloomy weather today and very welcome it was too.  I had to take the car to the garage for its annual service first thing in the morning and walking back through the town, everyone I met hadContinue reading “A break in the weather”

The first tootle of the year

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my Newcastle correspondent and shows what heights a grown man can reach when  the weather is bad. As far as our weather went today, the forecasters seemed to have been a bit over exuberant in their threats of gale force winds and lashing rain and we gotContinue reading “The first tootle of the year”

A leap of faith

Today’s guest picture has been sent by Langholm exile Joyce, now resident in the wilds of Canada.  She thinks that I ought to stop complaining about the weather here. It was thirty degrees C warmer than that here today and the wind wasn’t too bad so I got the speedy bike out after breakfast andContinue reading “A leap of faith”

Home alone

Today’s guest picture is an arty effort from Edinburgh, courtesy of my younger son. The first business of the day was toast and porridge and the second was a trip to Carlisle to put our guests on the London train and wave goodbye.  Owing to following the precautionary principle with a little too much zeal,Continue reading “Home alone”

A full day

Today’s guest picture is a seasonal one sent to me by Gavin and taken on Beaver Mountain in the USA by his son or daughter-in-law who are skiing there. We had a wonderful Christmas day with wall to wall sunshine and a much reduced wind.  Inside the house all was good as well with MrsContinue reading “A full day”

Free at last

Today’s guest picture shows a huge Santa looming over a stall at a German Christmas market in Birmingham (though how German a stall selling crêpes is you might wonder).  These markets have sprung up everywhere in recent years.  This one was visited by my brother. After several very gloomy, wet and windy days, the weatherContinue reading “Free at last”