A long and windy road

Today’s guest picture is another taken by my brother on his recent visit to Buttermere. It is always good to have the energy to climb up high enough to get a good view of a lake. The stormy weather continued here today with some hefty rain showers in the morning.  One of these was perfectlyContinue reading “A long and windy road”

Hill test

Today’s guest picture is a fine mossy roof spotted by my daughter on her recent jaunt to Hampshire. The forecasters had promised us a sunny day but there was little chance of a suntan and a reasonable chance of getting wet  in the morning.  I timed my visit to our corner shop with such precisionContinue reading “Hill test”

In the picture again

Today’s guest picture shows a very gaudy cake which my Newcastle correspondent baked for her daughter’s ninth  birthday. Once again we had a day which flattered to deceive.  There were moments of sunshine but they quickly disappeared and generally it was another cold, grey day.   I popped down to look at the rivers to seeContinue reading “In the picture again”

Pure gold

Today’s guest picture shows Dovedale last month at a time when following the path too closely would have left my brother Andrew needing a snorkel and flippers. After another night of strong winds and heavy rain, I took a walk down to the river after breakfast to check out the water levels here.  Once again,Continue reading “Pure gold”

One up, one down

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s stopover in Dubai last month.  It shows a less familiar side of the town. It was an up and down day here as I got up and came down and went out but Mrs Tootlepedal succumbed to the bug and having got up and come down, thenContinue reading “One up, one down”

Back again

Today’s guest picture is another of my sister Mary’s lovely views of Regent’s Park. The days seem to be getting shorter from a photographic point of view more quickly than I remember but this may be because with increasing age, I get up later on a chilly morning.  It wouldn’t have made much difference todayContinue reading “Back again”


Today’s guest picture comes from Gavin, one of my neighbours, who wonders whether having the builders in can have caused this overnight outbreak of toadstools on his lawn.  I would be more worried about what has been taking the great bites out of them. Dropscone came round with some scones in hand to have aContinue reading “Hopeful”

Too much choice

Today’s guest picture comes from my daughter who has acquired the use of a small allotment.  She is very proud of her chard which she has grown from seed. When I looked at the weather forecast last night, I noticed that the wind speed in the evening was recorded as ‘calm’,  i.e 0 mph.  ThisContinue reading “Too much choice”

Rule of thirds

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Liz, who lives just across the road but who has sent me this photograph of a geyser in the Maori Village at Whakarewarewe,New Zealand, from the other side of the world (where she is on holiday). We had a bit of a shock when we woke up toContinue reading “Rule of thirds”

A happy chap

Today’s guest picture from my sister Mary shows some reflections on the Regent’s Canal. The day started with s stiff breeze and a good deal of rain but the breeze was quite a lot less strident than yesterday’s near gale and the garden was full of goldfinches as a result.  They didn’t always seem veryContinue reading “A happy chap”