Two walks

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Bruce. He came across this very striking yellow brain (Tremella mesenterica) fungus on his walk with his wife Lesley today. After the hefty winds and vigorous rain of yesterday, it was a relief to wake up to a much calmer picture today, even if it was a ratherContinue reading “Two walks”

Dog day

Today’s guest picture comes from Marianne, who was actually our guest today.  She took this picture of her partner Tony and his dad as they were walking dogs this morning. It was another bright but chilly day with 1.5°C the best that we could do all day. The colder weather has brought the birds backContinue reading “Dog day”

The first concert

Today’s guest picture comes from Irving who found the wonderful double rainbow when he went to look at his sheep. We had such a sunny day here, that we were able to find a bit of a rainbow inside our house when a sunbeam glanced off a bevelled mirror edge and onto a closed shutter.Continue reading “The first concert”