A good start to the month

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone, who met this fine swan on one of his recent golfing adventures. We had a beautifully sunny day today but paid for it with a drop of a few degrees on the thermometer.  It was above freezing but decidedly chilly when I cycled up to the town to seeContinue reading “A good start to the month”

Plans B, C, D and E

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to Chester and shows the fine road bridge into the town. The forecast was for a fine day and I had a simple plan which involved getting up smartly and going for a good long cycle run.  Unfortunately this excellent plan did not work out.  ThereContinue reading “Plans B, C, D and E”

The Met Office having a laugh

Today’s guest picture is a second look at the Chew Valley Lake by Venetia.  It shows the surface of the water dotted with what she thinks is a vast quantity of coots. We had one of those days today which are politely described as “changeable” but which might more honestly be described as utterly miserable.Continue reading “The Met Office having a laugh”


Today’s striking guest picture shows Bilbao.  My brother Andrew paid it a flying visit a few days ago. I was enjoying a day of rest today, having exceeded my cycling target for the month by some 90 miles.  This resolve was assisted by some very grey and dreary weather which persisted all day. It wasContinue reading “Carpeted”