Short order

Today’s guest picture, sent by Bruce, does not show some distant desert but rather a glasshouse in Aberdeen. The main event of the morning was the arrival of another gas engineer to put a new heat exchanger into our gas boiler. He told us that the old one was in very poor condition and weContinue reading “Short order”

Mrs Tootlepedal gets her jotters

Today’s guest picture shows Hardwick Hall, a fine Elizabethan house,  which my brother visited last week. Here, we had another day of second hand continental weather with the sun trying its best to peek through an enveloping haze.  The up side was that it was pleasantly warm and by the afternoon it was the kindContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal gets her jotters”

From dawn till dusk (nearly)

Busy people warning:  long post with far too many pictures. Today’s picture is of poor quality but shows the arrival in our garden of the first bee of the year.  Hooray. Here’s to many more we hope. As well as the bee, we also had a visit from bird ringing expert, Cat Barlow who arrivedContinue reading “From dawn till dusk (nearly)”

International cycling

Today’s picture shows an  interesting cake which Dropscone picked up for an extremely modest price when coming through Hawick yesterday evening.  I thought that it looked unnervingly like a set of frogs peering out of a very muddy pond which may have affected my ability to truly enjoy my slice. Freezing temperatures again put paidContinue reading “International cycling”

Flat out

I thought I needed a sunny picture for today so I stole this shot of Maisie eating quiche from her mother’s excellent blog.  Cool kid. Yet again there was a marked absence of sun today and for those of you who enjoy pictures of the garden birds,I apologise for their absence but there isn’t anythingContinue reading “Flat out”