Gentle activity

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s recent visit to Spain and shows a very flowery house in Santillana del Mar. It was another dry but grey and windy day today but we managed to fill it with undemanding activities so we didn’t miss the sun too much. We rose late and after aContinue reading “Gentle activity”

It was too good to last

Today’s picture comes from my sister.  It shows her with a party in a boat on Loch Oich (I think) in the Scottish Highlands where she was on holiday going down the Caledonian Canal in the barge that you can see in the background. After yesterday’s fine start to summer, today reverted to more normalContinue reading “It was too good to last”

Flying visit

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s walk yesterday.  I think it was taken in Kew Gardens. That’s a bit more impressive than our pond, though if it keeps on raining like it did today, we may be able to match it soon.  It is a pity that my sister Susan, who is payingContinue reading “Flying visit”