Thank goodness for the Olympics

Today’s guest picture is another from our recent week as guests in the south.  Sally and Richard took us to the gardens of this fine mansion, Heale House, which was built in the latter part of the sixteenth century. My ideal plan for the day relied on an early leap out of bed into gloriousContinue reading “Thank goodness for the Olympics”

Just perfect

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother in NZ.  It shows a fine magnolia in the Auckland Botanical Park. The temperature had risen a degree or two today so there was no mist and no chance of what I have discovered is called a fog bow today when I went round the morning runContinue reading “Just perfect”

Jam today

Today’s guest picture shows a view of the Elbe from the TGV between Prague and Dresden as seen by my brother and his wife on their travels last week. After two long trips over the last two days, I only had four short trips today. The first trip was  by car up to the MoorlandContinue reading “Jam today”