On the slow train to Edinburgh

Today’s first guest picture, taken by her mother, shows Matilda telling an amusing story to her grandfather. The second guest picture shows just how terrifying Matilda was in her special Halloween costume. The alert reader will gather from the guest pictures that I accompanied Mrs Tootlepedal on her weekly grandmothering trip to Edinburgh.  We gaveContinue reading “On the slow train to Edinburgh”

Sunshine on Edinburgh (and Leith)

I was hoping to meet my elder son on my visit to Edinburgh today but he was too busy at work so this picture of him and his partner Marianne enjoying their recent trip to Spain will have to do instead. Warning: Far too many pictures in this post. As it was Friday today, MrsContinue reading “Sunshine on Edinburgh (and Leith)”

Pushing and singing

Today’s guest picture shows a fine opportunity for tree climbing spotted by my sister Susan when walking in Regent’s Park.  She adds that she would need to shed sixty years to enjoy the opportunity herself. I was on family duty today as Mrs Tootlepedal and I went off to Edinburgh to visit the world’s greatestContinue reading “Pushing and singing”

All’s well that ends well

Today’s guest picture is the result of the purchase by my younger son of a 50mm prime lens for his camera with his birthday money.  When he told me about it, I assumed that he was going to be taking striking street photographs of Edinburgh but oddly enough, he had a different aim in mind.  Continue reading “All’s well that ends well”

Pedalling by proxy

Today’s guest picture was very kindly sent to me by Steve, the author of the There and Back Again blog, much missed since he discontinued it.  The handsome bridge in the picture is on the Manassas Battlefield and crosses Bull Run Creek, the site of the first major battle of the American Civil War (July,Continue reading “Pedalling by proxy”

Holding the baby

Today’s guest picture is another bird at my daughter’s feeder in London. I had no time to watch birds today as Mrs Tootlepedal, Pat and I went off to Edinburgh in the car straight after breakfast.  We had a dream drive on the way, with hardly any traffic to pass or to be passed byContinue reading “Holding the baby”