Sunshine on Leith

The guest picture of the day is a picture taken by my daughter-in-law Clare of her daughter and our granddaughter Matilda getting in some training for the Grand National of 2036. Since it was a holiday weekend, Mrs Tootlepedal had expressed a wish for an outing and  she got her wish in an unexpected way. Continue reading “Sunshine on Leith”

A trip to Edinburgh

Today’s guest picture, taken by his partner Marianne, shows our older son Tony in over his head. Where he is will be revealed tomorrow.  I spent almost the whole day sitting around but enjoying myself nevertheless. After breakfast, I drove to Lockerbie and caught the train to Edinburgh.  I had my new camera in myContinue reading “A trip to Edinburgh”

In training

Today’s guest pictures come from my daughter Annie.  She looked on the internet for advice on camera settings, used her tripod and, over the space of an hour, took much better pictures of the lunar eclipse than I did.  Click on the picture for an expanded look at it. We had yet another fine, calmContinue reading “In training”

Visiting the birthday boy.

My flute pupil Luke has kindly taken his parents on holiday to Arisaig in the West Highlands and his mother sent me today’s guest picture showing a special friend at their beach party. We spent the day going to Edinburgh to celebrate out younger son’s 36th birthday (and visit Matilda too of course).  The trainContinue reading “Visiting the birthday boy.”

A family day

Today’s guest picture shows a fine butterfly taken just outside Charlottesville, VA.  It was sent to me by Dropscone’s niece Hilary, who remarked that judging by its diet, its ancestors probably came over from Scotland during the clearances. It was another cool, grey and occasionally showery day but it was made much brighter by aContinue reading “A family day”