At home

Today’s guest picture was kindly sent to me by expert bird ringer, Dr Cat Barlow who had met this young kingfisher with an injured beak, probably caused by inexperience and hitting the bottom while diving for prey. The calm and sunny weather of the last two days gave way to greyer and windier weather todayContinue reading “At home”

Down dale and up hill

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce who was rather surprised to find a police box figuring in the entrance to the distillery at Annan. As it was Sunday and the main roads are lorry free, I thought that the traditional pedal down to Newtown on the line of Hadrians Wall and back wouldContinue reading “Down dale and up hill”

Up hill and down dale

Today’s guest picture is a second helping of vegetables from our daughter’s allotment.  She is obviously doing a good job there.  Mrs Tootlepedal is very envious of the beetroot. I didn’t have very much time to look at our veg today as it seemed to start to rain as soon as I went out intoContinue reading “Up hill and down dale”

There’s no business like snow business

Today’s guest picture shows the Royal Yacht Britannia.  It is parked in Leith as a visitor attraction and lies just outside the window of the soft play area attended by Matilda and her father. We woke to what is traditionally described as a winter wonderland today.  In fact it wasn’t particularly wonderful as the snowContinue reading “There’s no business like snow business”

Out cold

Today’s guest picture shows Ely Cathedral.  My brother was obviously keen on visiting cathedrals in October. We woke to lovely sunshine which was very welcome after the recent rain but the weather gods hadn’t done anything about the temperature which was only just above freezing. I shouldn’t complain about the weather as the statistics publishedContinue reading “Out cold”

Catching up

Today’s guest picture is another from Mike Tinker’s visit to Caerlaverock Castle yesterday. Today was a splendid day for catching up on the great number of pictures that I took yesterday because it wasn’t a day that was good for anything active at all. It was a perfect example of a ‘Scotch Mist’, that gentleContinue reading “Catching up”

An up and down sort of day

Today’s guest picture, sent by her mother, shows Matilda cleaning a fork at the sink. I had a day which didn’t go precisely to plan but which was mostly very enjoyable anyway.  It started well enough with a week of the newspaper index being dispatched into the Archive Group database, followed by a quick scoutContinue reading “An up and down sort of day”

A welcome thorn tree

Today’s guest picture shows a concrete warship which our holidaying neighbour Gavin visited today near Monterey.  He tells me it is the SS Palo Alto,  a concrete ship built as a tanker at the end of World War I.  He adds that it smells terrible. We had another chilly and breezy day with occasional snow showers, though it was just warmContinue reading “A welcome thorn tree”

Blown away….and not just by the wind

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone, who took it with his phone while going along a local bike path.  It reflects exactly how much care and respect our council has for this path. I surpassed myself today by doing absolutely nothing before lunch except a little flute practice.  In my defence, thereContinue reading “Blown away….and not just by the wind”

Getting above myself

Today’s guest picture, in the absence of any up to date contributions, is a charming bridge near Buttermere, which was crossed when he came to it in August by my brother. In spite of beautifully sunny and calm conditions, or perhaps because of the beautifully sunny and calm conditions, the temperature stayed resolutely below threeContinue reading “Getting above myself”