A pedal (and a walk) and a tootle

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother’s visit to Sydney on his way back to the UK from NZ.  He said it was hot there and here is the proof. It was far from hot here this morning and the thermometer was only just grazing 5°C when I set out for a pedal after breakfast. Continue reading “A pedal (and a walk) and a tootle”

Fairly fruitless walk

Today’s guest picture, from my brother’s camera, speaks for itself. There was little or no wind and the thermometer was showing a very stingy 4.5°C when Dropscone, Scott and I set out for a morning pedal to Gair and back after breakfast.   As a result, the start of our journey was shrouded in a clammyContinue reading “Fairly fruitless walk”

Out and about and about.

Today’s guest picture from my sister Mary rather puts the bridges over the Kirtle Water into the shade. We woke up to a proper winter’s day today, with frost on the ground and a nip in the air.  At 1°C it still wasn’t below freezing point although it was too cold for me to goContinue reading “Out and about and about.”

Sandy’s downfall or a tale of two twits

Today’s guest picture was sent to me from Arran by Bruce where he was attending the wedding of his son.  I think this means that the wedding got the official seal of approval. It was another windless,  sunny but chilly (5°C) morning and I had thought about cycling south down the A7 and A6071 toContinue reading “Sandy’s downfall or a tale of two twits”

Food miles

Today’s picture shows a blind hurdy gurdy player whom my brother met yesterday in the Prado in Madrid.  Mrs Tootlepedal thinks that the best audience for any hurdy gurdy player, blind or not,  would be a deaf one as she doesn’t care for the instrument at all. I quite like it. As I was stillContinue reading “Food miles”

Another mist opportuntiy

Today’s picture comes from my brother’s archive and shows the Chesterfield Canal which he visited in August. It was brilliantly sunny when we woke up and Mrs Tootlepedal was feeling a bit better than yesterday so all looked set for a good day, starting with a morning pedal with Dropscone.   I got up intoContinue reading “Another mist opportuntiy”

Highly misterious

The picture of the day shows Dropscone hurtling down the hill at Callister full pelt this morning. It was another distinctly chilly day but with the temperature only two degrees above freezing we were happy to find the roads frost free and a morning pedal available,  Dropscone duly appeared and we set off.  We hadn’tContinue reading “Highly misterious”

Here comes the sun (at last)

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Mary, shows a handsome statue in Waterlow Park, London where she has been walking.  The statue shows Sir Sydney Waterlow, who donated the park to the public.  By coincidence, Sir Sydney was for a short time in 1868/69  MP for Dumfriesshire but was forced to resign owingContinue reading “Here comes the sun (at last)”

Mist opportunity

Today’s picture shows the setting sun seen through the McDiarmid Memorial, an unaccustomed outbreak of arty shooting for me. It was another sunny morning but even colder than recently and with the temperature hovering just over zero there was no chance that I was going to venture out on a bicycle.  Even if I couldContinue reading “Mist opportunity”