Today’s picture shows Mick, a very nice man who came and fitted a dish to our chimney  and two Freesat boxes to our and the B&B TVs just in time for us to watch the Tour de France on ITV4.  We couldn’t get ITV4 through our old aerial so this was a novelty and weContinue reading “Finality”

Jay walking

Today’s picture is a rather worrying road sign encountered by Bruce. The forecast was not great for today but with the wind coming rather from a northerly direction, we were protected by the hills that more commonly give the rain when our usual wind comes from the south west.  Looking at reports of rain bedevilledContinue reading “Jay walking”

In and out the dusty bluebells

My son and daughter-in-law have been getting about in the US and have sent me this teasing picture from the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  The leaves were made of glass by a pair of German glass workers from the turn of the previous century.. It was extremely windy here today and as I onlyContinue reading “In and out the dusty bluebells”

A strong wind gives me an excuse

Today’s picture shows a very colourful display at Kenwood, London.  It was taken a couple of days ago by my sister Mary who has resumed her walks. We had a very sunny day here but the forecast heavy winds from the north also appeared making it quite chilly if you were out of the sun. Continue reading “A strong wind gives me an excuse”

Bottom of the heap

Today’s picture was taken by Ayla,  the daughter of our B&B guests, while on a visit to Hermitage castle today.  It is a stunning shot of a dipper after a successful foraging expedition in Hermitage water. I’ll be lucky if I can get a better dipper shot than that. Dropscone had business to look afterContinue reading “Bottom of the heap”

Cat always rings twice

Today’s picture comes from my younger son.  He knows that I like wildlife and has kindly sent me a picture of a beaver.  I think that he should perhaps get out a bit more.  He tells me that he can also make an eagle.  I wait for a shot of that with impatience. We wereContinue reading “Cat always rings twice”

A bit warmer

Today’s picture is a dandelion growing wild on the dam.  I have put it in out of desperation as it is the only new flower anywhere roundabout. We have lost the wonderfully cold and clear days and they have been replaced by hazier and slightly warmer days.  I was able to go out cycling thisContinue reading “A bit warmer”

Plenty of time for snaps

Today’s picture is another from my sister Susan’s recent trip to NZ and shows Mirror Lake a celebrated tourist attraction. We couldn’t match that sunshine today and with the now customary bitter east wind blowing vigorously, it was a rather cold, grey day but once again without any rain.  I couldn’t go cycling with DropsconeContinue reading “Plenty of time for snaps”

Constructive resting

My sister Susan returned to the UK from NZ this morning but here is a recent picture of her admiring Lake Te Anau to prove that she was there.  It was taken by my brother. She has been banned from mentioning what the weather was like while she was in NZ.  At least we hadContinue reading “Constructive resting”

Gentle activity

Today’s picture shows the view from the Moorland Feeder Station.  Not a day for seeing the hills. And Dropscone and I decided that it wasn’t a day for cycling either, what with intermittent rain and a freezing 20 mph east wind.  He didn’t leave me in the lurch though and arrived for coffee with theContinue reading “Gentle activity”