Hope and disappointment

Today’s guest picture sent from Edinburgh shows Matilda in an elated state, having found something to good to watch on the telly at last. After a chilly night, we enjoyed a sunny day for once.  I couldn’t make the best of it though, as I had to go to Carlisle again to try to getContinue reading “Hope and disappointment”

Making the best of it

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who has just visited Melbourne on his way to New Zealand.  He met Gog and Magog, two striking fellows, there. The casting of a magic incantation using my physiotherapist’s name had proved to be singularly ineffective so I decided to stop sitting around moaning and start toContinue reading “Making the best of it”

To the point

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my sister Mary, shows my daughter Annie in the act of taking yesterday’s guest picture at Kew gardens.  Self referential or what? The day started with Mrs Tootlepedal getting up at crack of dawn to visit the world’s greatest baby in Edinburgh.  Matilda was very pleased to seeContinue reading “To the point”

A day with a little bit of everything in it

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to Santander in Spain.  Not the usual sort of municipal statue. We got up to a sunny, warm day and without doing too much at any time, I made the most of it. I started with a 22 mile  morning pedal to Gair and back withContinue reading “A day with a little bit of everything in it”


Today’s picture is another from my siblings’ current visit to Spain and shows the water feature in front of the Catalan National Art Museum in Barcelona.  It was captured by my brother. We had a very nice sunny day for the most part today but as Dropscone and I found out when we went toContinue reading “Variation”

Good looking

This guest picture is to illustrate the news today that much of the south of England has had double the usual amount of rain in January. It has been the wettest since the records began. It was taken in Oxford by my brother earlier this month. We had no rain here today and in spiteContinue reading “Good looking”

Winding through the countryside

Today’s guest picture shows a pair of well known people whom my brother and his wife met in Madrid. I myself met a well known person (to me at least) when Dropscone appeared after breakfast, ready for the morning run.  It was a bit warmer than it has been so there was no danger ofContinue reading “Winding through the countryside”

Food miles

Today’s picture shows a blind hurdy gurdy player whom my brother met yesterday in the Prado in Madrid.  Mrs Tootlepedal thinks that the best audience for any hurdy gurdy player, blind or not,  would be a deaf one as she doesn’t care for the instrument at all. I quite like it. As I was stillContinue reading “Food miles”

Undeserved scones

Today’s picture shows a Henry Moore sculpture at Kenwood, taken by my sister Mary. I had some undeserved treacle scones with my coffee today because after my battles with the wind yesterday, my joints were on strike this morning and I stayed at home.  Dropscone who is made of sterner stuff, kindly carried the extraContinue reading “Undeserved scones”

Autumn chill

Today’s picture is another from my sister Susan’s recent visit to the Thames. It was brilliantly sunny here today when we woke up but to make up for that, the temperature was only 6°C and I had to wrap up well for my after breakfast pedal.  Dropscone was away golfing so I decided that anotherContinue reading “Autumn chill”