Out and about and about again

Today’s guest picture, from my sister Mary, shows a fine display of daffs at Kew Gardens. The weather today was rather curious.  The hills around the town were shrouded in thick mist but the town itself was clear and there were even moments when the sun shone.  As the wind was light, it was quiteContinue reading “Out and about and about again”

A leap of faith

Today’s guest picture has been sent by Langholm exile Joyce, now resident in the wilds of Canada.  She thinks that I ought to stop complaining about the weather here. It was thirty degrees C warmer than that here today and the wind wasn’t too bad so I got the speedy bike out after breakfast andContinue reading “A leap of faith”

Inconvenient visitors

Today’s picture shows a rainbow seen from the top of Whita Hill.  It was taken by my daughter Annie who was on a walk with Mrs Tootlepedal that I wasn’t able to join. In spite of a brisk north wind, the day was warm and bright enough for Dropscone and I to enjoy a pedalContinue reading “Inconvenient visitors”

A window of opportunity

Today’s picture was taken by my friend Bruce last week when on a walk through the grounds of Westerhall, a local big house with a nice line in lawns. I woke to the sound of rain hammering on the windows and rolled over and went to sleep again.  After a late breakfast, the weather hadContinue reading “A window of opportunity”

Pedal, pedal, tootle

Today’s picture from my sister Mary in London shows a squirrel doing I am not quite sure what. It was another day of low cloud but, once again, warm and with light winds so ideal for a gentle therapeutic pedal.  Dropscone is back at home but was unavailable for pedalling pursuits so I went roundContinue reading “Pedal, pedal, tootle”