Early to bed

Today’s picture shows the scene in our garden at breakfast time. It continued to snow until Dropscone arrived with treacle scone when it more or less stopped.   Very few birds were prepared to brave the snow and a lonely blackbird was the first to arrive. A goldfinch came next and seemed to hang onContinue reading “Early to bed”

Fun from morn till night

The picture of the day was taken from my bedroom window when I woke up this morning. This was more serious snow and it was settling.  In a well organised way, it stooped shortly after I had finished my breakfast and the sun came out.  As Mrs Tootlepedal was going to work and I hadContinue reading “Fun from morn till night”

Far from a rolling stone

Today’s picture, which was taken by Bruce this morning, shows the results of all our rain and wind as a tree blocks a riverside walk and baffles his dog. Bruce dropped in on his way home to tell me that he had seen a man dragging a sack across a field.  This led us toContinue reading “Far from a rolling stone”

Back on an even keel

Today’s picture shows Marlow Lock on the Thames and was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal on her phone with a slightly smudged lens. Figures released today show that we had 35%  more rain here than our yearly average in 2012.  Considering that we had two pretty well rainless months in spring, it says a lot forContinue reading “Back on an even keel”

Blue sky thinking

Today’s picture, sent by Joyce from Canada, gives a vivid impression of her current weather conditions.  She thinks we ought to stop moaning about a little drop of rain. We had a much better day here and not before time.  It hardly rained at all and from time to time it was possible to catchContinue reading “Blue sky thinking”

A breath of fresh air

Today’s picture shows London seen from Primrose Hill with a hint of sunshine in the air.  My sister Mary was enjoying a walk.  The rest of the country may be in a bad way but there’s plenty of building going on down there by the look of all the cranes. There was no hint ofContinue reading “A breath of fresh air”

Signs of slow improvement

Today’s picture from my sister Mary’s recent walk shows the Shard dominating the London skyline when viewed from Hampstead Hill. It was another dull day both physically and spiritually as the sun didn’t come out and my cold wouldn’t go away.  Dropscone sneaked round the morning run behind my back but at least arrived toContinue reading “Signs of slow improvement”