A long and winding road

Today’s picture was sent to me by Joyce, a Langholm exile in Canada, and shows a field of trilliums (trillia?),  their answer to the bluebell. Never was the state of the morning weather more anxiously awaited than this morning when Mrs Tootlepedal and I and our B&B guest and his son were all getting readyContinue reading “A long and winding road”

A damp adventure

Today’s picture shows the daughter of my younger son’s oldest friend on a visit to Langholm from her native USA.  Ellie was very cheerful in spite of the persistent rain. I did mind the rain because it made photography difficult and getting about tedious.  I wanted to take some pictures of the mountain bike eventContinue reading “A damp adventure”

Climb every mountain

Today’s picture shows a fine patch of bluebells on the Lodge Walks.  Spring really is here now.  The bluebells make it official. In a foolish moment last night, I said to Sandy that if he woke up early he should give me a ring and we would have a quick expedition.  He woke up earlyContinue reading “Climb every mountain”