A break

Today’s guest picture shows a swan anxiously supervising her brood.  She is anxious no doubt because, as my sister Mary tells me, the cygnets are swimming in the dogs’ bathing pond on Parliament Hill Fields. A dull and rainy morning here was brightened by the appearance of Sandy on a flying visit, followed by DropsconeContinue reading “A break”

The first day of autumn

Today’s guest picture is another view from a walk on the veldt which was kindly sent to me by Tom from South Africa.  He was excited by the fact the the valley bottom is covered in vineyards. Mrs Tootlepedal got up early and disappeared in an Edinburgh direction. She was lending a hand with theContinue reading “The first day of autumn”

Seventy today

Today’s picture shows some colourful trees  visited by Andrew and Catherine in the Batsford Arboretum neat Moreton-in-the Marsh.  They get about. I got about today too.  The day was sunny, the wind was light to the point on non existence, my joints weren’t moaning and my heart was in the right place so when MrsContinue reading “Seventy today”