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Today’s picture, sent by a fond father,  shows Maisie practising being a baby with her new little sister Frances.

Maisie and Frances

My plan was to go to Annan, where I had business, with the speedy bike in the car, do a little cycling combined with the business and be back for one o’clock in time to wait for the arrival of the gas man.  It came to naught.  Just as I was going to go, the gas man rang and begged to come straight away.  I changed my plan and let him come.

While he was servicing the boiler, I was trying to make head or tail of a new and fancy mobile phone which had arrived with the morning post to replace the old fashioned one that I lost in France.  This was rather depressing because the phone obviously has many wonderful abilities and bells and whistles but I had a terrible time just trying to ring someone up with it.  (While I am thinking of the phone, could I ask anyone who has me in their mobile contact list to send me a simple text as I have lost my contacts along with my old phone. My number remains the same.)

Every now and again, just to keep my sanity, I stared out of the kitchen window.  The feeder was busy.


It was hard not to take pictures of flying birds today.  Female….


…or male.


A pair of great tits arrived to complement the blue and coal tits in the garden.

Great tit

The coal tit didn’t look entirely pleased.

coal tit

Mrs Tootlepedal was at work and appeared fora brief lunch before going off to help at the driving for the disabled.  Left on my own, staring in bewilderment at my phone which had no instructions with it at all and wondering whether ‘syncing’ was a good idea or not, I finally managed to find out how to take a picture.  Here is my first effort.


It certainly has some vivid colours in its palette.

Emboldened by this, I put it into the back pocket of my cycle jacket and set off on the speedy bike to try to cheer myself up.  The new bridge is complete now.

new bridge

The phone camera has a nice wide angle on its lens. 

This was the bridge that was my target for the ride.


I haven’t quite got the hang of the camera yet and not being able to see what is on the screen in some lights doesn’t help.  A picture of a chestnut tree in a field was a failure.

chestnut tree

I don’t know why.  There is obviously yet another learning process in store there.

The cycling was good fun with a helpful east wind making sure that I went the ten miles out to Paddockhole more quickly than I came home.  Neither direction was very quick.

I spent some time looking through pictures from France and I have written up the second day of our tour on the French Trip page.

(I am going to put the next day onto a new page when I get it done so that you don’t have to plough through through the whole thing again to find it.)

Thinking of the field of sunflowers that we saw in France, I used the phone to take a picture of our own little sunflower bunch.


In the evening, I went with Sandy and Jean to the Archive Centre to try to catch up on the large backlog of data entry waiting for me.  We managed a week and a half of the newspaper index but I will have to get serious about it soon.

This was the winner of the flying bird of the day competition.



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