Matilda in fairyland

Today’s guest picture was taken by my flute pupil Luke’s father, Alan.  He has been forced to go to Dubrovnik on work related business and this is the view from his hotel window.  Poor chap. I realised that I had inexcusably omitted a great moment from yesterday’s activities in my daily account so here itContinue reading “Matilda in fairyland”

A full day

Today’s guest picture is another from our son Tony’s visit to the Fife Agricultural Show at the weekend.  It is also the flying bird of the day. A post of few words today as it was late after a busy day when I sat down to compile this post. I hired a bike after breakfastContinue reading “A full day”

Rocking around

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew’s tour of five abbeys last weekend.  As well as many fine buildings, he saw some good bridges too, among them this lift bridge at Gloucester docks. It was another calm, dry day at North Berwick and after breakfast, Mrs Tootlepedal and I enjoyed a stroll along aContinue reading “Rocking around”

Traditional pursuits

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony.  He attended the Fife agricultural show on a damp day yesterday. We had a calm and tolerably warm day today at North Berwick although an early glimpse of sun soon headed out to sea…. …leaving us feeling that a coat might be a good thing. After breakfast,Continue reading “Traditional pursuits”

Farewell to sun, sea and sand

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who was beside the river on a sunny day in Nottingham. For our last day beside the sea in East Lothian, we got continuous sunshine.  This was very welcome.  I put my nose out of the back gate to check the temperature… …and found that it wasContinue reading “Farewell to sun, sea and sand”

150,000 gannets (all pictured here)

Today’s guest picture comes from Matilda’s mother, Clare and shows Matilda teaching her father how to fly a kite this afternoon. The (ocean) main business of the day was a boat trip round Craigleith Island and the Bass Rock to see the birds.  As you can see from the guest picture, the sun was outContinue reading “150,000 gannets (all pictured here)”

The sun was late

Today’s guest picture comes from our neighbour Liz who popped into our garden and kindly sent me this confirmation that our alliums are doing well.  It is good to have people keeping an eye on things while we are away. The spell of sunny weather was put on hold today and we woke to aContinue reading “The sun was late”

Sea, sand and a cycle

Today’s guest picture was taken by my son Alistair and shows an old man relaxing on his holiday. I did get out for a bit of activity though.  Matilda and Mrs Tootlepedal and I paid an early visit to the beach and later on, we were joined by Al and Clare and we walked upContinue reading “Sea, sand and a cycle”