Gently does it

Today’s picture is a splendid gorge in Macedonia where my ever restless sister Susan has recently been on tour. I was following the new regime today and so I didn’t go cycling with Dropscone.  This wasn’t the loss it might have been because firstly it was raining and secondly, Dropscone came round for coffee anywayContinue reading “Gently does it”


Today’s picture is the first appearance of a Welsh poppy this year. The forecast three days of gales and rain have turned out to be a very damp squib and today was another sunny day by and large, though there were one or two short showers including some pinging hail in the afternoon. With theContinue reading “Hatched”

Doctors’ run

Today’s picture is of one of a job lot of tulips which Mrs Tootlepedal purchased some years ago and which appear rather randomly.  They are very welcome though. It was extremely windy all day but the threatened rain didn’t arrive until evening as the curly front swept round from Ireland to the North of ScotlandContinue reading “Doctors’ run”

The calm before the storm

Today’s picture from my siblings’ trip to Wales last month shows a sharp ridge on Snowdon which my brother was walking along.  Rather him than me. We are promised two or three days of wet, windy weather from tomorrow but today was great from start to finish.  I would have gone cycling straight after breakfastContinue reading “The calm before the storm”

Birds here, birds there

Today’s picture is of the Anglo Saxon cross at Bewcastle. My sister Susan visited it last weekend. Although it is only twenty miles from here, we have never been there. It was yet another dry day here today with our now familiar north wind.  I would liked to have cycled but the joints said noContinue reading “Birds here, birds there”

Out in the country

Today’s picture has been sent to me by Gavin who is on holiday in the Northern Isles.  It shows a chambered cairn in Sanday.  To see more of his holiday snaps visit his blog. I took a risk today.  Dropscone was playing golf and so was not available for cycling.  I have found it veryContinue reading “Out in the country”

New visitor and a great show

Today’s picture is another of my sister Mary’s from a recent walk. I had a day of rest today after the exertions of the last two days and my morning was brightened by the arrival of Dropscone and Arthur for a cup of coffee. Dropscone’s leg is improving and he arrived by bike which isContinue reading “New visitor and a great show”