Mrs Tootlepedal is wiser

Today’s guest picture comes from both of my two older sisters, Mary and Susan. Like us, they have socially distanced coffee outdoors when they can. Today they each took photos of the other. As it was Mrs Tootlepedal’s birthday, she got a little bit older and a little bit wiser today. Since she had meContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal is wiser”

Grand Old Duke of York-ish

I didn’t take many bird pictures today so it is lucky that my brother saw some web footed friends on his visit to Ely.  He remarks that  they weren’t enjoying the wet weather. I had a quiet but generally pleasant day today.  It started with a visit to the Archive Centre to pick up aContinue reading “Grand Old Duke of York-ish”

Total compost

Today’s guest picture shows the canal beside which my brother Andrew cycled on his way to a nice cappuccino this morning. We didn’t quite have the same sunshine here today but it was another dry, crisp day so no one was complaining. It was below zero when I took the car up to the garageContinue reading “Total compost”